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see also the now obsolete OldRoadmap2006
see also Notes

list of finished points : RoadmapDone


Simple multiplayer

Target : just fly around together, blowing up asteroids and each other.

  • (generate LOD meshes for ships)
  • server : detect and handle create-listener error
  • client : detect and handle connect error
  • server : detect and handle client-disconnect
  • enter name before join (?)
  • maybe background- and mainmenu-music
  • weapon icons
  • with range and damage indicators
  • weapon icons with recharge indicators
  • gui : target lists
  • tactical hud elements indicating weapon range
  • powerups/health packs in asteroids ?
  • design decision : newton physics or not ? not might be better for combat

Coop multiplayer

  • enemies arriving in waves (herodefense)
  • buying/salvaging equipment and ships between waves

Spaceship interior

  • meshes and textures for indoor stuff
  • save items inside ship to file (ingame save and/or mapedit save)
  • shipeditor : toggle between inside/outside
  • interior : align cam to outside cam on switch


  • gui : generic list dialog (for cargo, shop, etc...)
  • missions : delivery (special cargo, jettison fails mission (or not possible?), mission dialog)
  • namen vor dem login
  • savegames : collective property : everything in mothership, not individual players
  • transfer cargo from fighters to mothership on docking
  • collective money ? avoid if possible to avoid grinding, rather rewards for missions, like gather 100 iron to get weapon.
  • return-to/approach mothership button for fighter/space-suit
  • pickup jettison box
  • missions : navpoint displayed in hud
  • missions : objectives displayed in hud
  • pickup jettison box content
  • pirates : the whole group should counterattack if one of them is attacked (requires group system)
  • auto generate doxygen for sfz and lugre (cronjob or commit hook)
  • toaster name changes to floating ghost toaster if placed above a table

GUI widgets

  • excel table (autosort on header click, updatable, cellrenderers, see java,gtk,cegui,qt,win32api, has scrollpane?)
  • treeview (hierachies : trade categories like vegastrike ?)
  • tabpane
  • scrollpane
  • scrollbar
  • cliprect of parent also affects childs
  • table layout html like, starts as hack with proper interface

Central info server

  • get and display message of the day
  • version check
  • usernames
  • host game : max player limit
  • host game : description text

Interstellar travel (jump)

  • load system from file
  • list of all systems
  • jump to other system
  • limit to adjacted systems
  • map displaying system positions graphically (debug:display coordinates under mouse)

Interplanetary travel (space-folding)

requires large scale systems, e.g. distances between planets in a somewhat realistic scale. this will require some form of space-folding-travel mode to remain playable, we'll keep that for later, other things are more important first.

  • gui : hud : distance display, on mouse over : name, type
  • larger system, spec travel
  • 2d system layout (orbits, but not moving)
  • gui : system map (render to texture, mousepick, click selects planet, planet has stuff orbiting, hierarchial)


maybe a small story as intro/tutorial to game :

  • deliver something to a nearby station/planet (basic controls) (problem : 1 player ?)
  • targetting practice : shoot some debris/junk(Aquanox) /Astreroids/ old-junk-space-ship(EV)
  • destroy some drones that have run amok (hacker,FOF-malfunction,...)
  • bounty hunt : destroy some pirates , reward : jump-drive
  • sientist sensor tutorial : search for right materials, reward : construction plans (weapons, shields...)
  • asteroid mining tutorial
  • crafting tutorial
  • explore mission ? (nearby systems, some other sientist needs help, delivery..)
  • capture some animals on planet, planet personal weapons tutorial


  • when you are in writing mode you cant zoom in/out only move the camera
  • you can shoot yourself writing your name in select/by name and shooting.
  • keyboard input does not work in fullscreen on some machines...
  • bad situation in editor : click new, rightclick , problem (last block gone)
  • the sun can be clicked from within the spaceship ? (check click detection for cross location stuff)
  • hudmarkers (edges) and name display is totally broken (related to location system)
  • changing ship and going inside should close cargo dialog
  • w-a-s-d accelleration is not very intuitive, should not only add to current velocity, but also try to redirect the movement into the pressed direction
    • e.g. currently wrong : when going forward it goes right diagonally, not directly
  • sun, additive blending z-sorting bug
  • shipeditor culling is broken if not started with -se commandline option
  • i can resize the window! but when i do it. the chat bar and the interface dont move! i should not be able to resize

Install help

These problems should be automatically detected (see also troubleshooting in INSTALL)

  • check if scons is available in makefile
  • scons : check ogre version (1.2 leads to LINKER errors, see sfz thread in free gamer forum)
  • scons : dpkg info for ogre version? 1.4.0 or later
  • scons : check lua version, 5.1 leads to errors
  • scons : plugins_linux.cfg : "locate libOgreMain | grep .so" folder + OGRE/ for plugins
  • scons  : detect fmod or openal automatically
  • scons  : openal esd trick/warning if alsa
  • scons  : /etc/ : add a line with "/usr/local/lib" (where ogre is) and run /sbin/ldconfig
  • scons  : check all libs, vorbisfile, with pkg ? etc..
  • check runtime shared object files :