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  • Game-logic is entirely scripted in Lua, so SFZ is highly flexible and the need to recompile is rare
  • The Ogre3D engine provides a solid foundation for hardware acceleration and graphical effects
  • An abstract interface to sound allows the use of FMod or OpenAL and supports MP3 and OGG
  • To ensure the longterm health of the project, we keep the code as modular and capsuled as possible
  • An Auto-Updater simplifies updating and can handle conflicts with local changes reasonably (svn based)
    • If the game doesn't run or crashes after an auto update, you might need to recompile.


SFZ is an opensource project and you are welcome to contribute if you want

to get involved please



If you want to contribute models/textures/sounds please make a thread in the art forum, and either make a general statement like "everything i post in this forum can be used under XXX license unless otherwise noted", or write for everything explicitly what license it can be used under.

Developer Documentation


  • xotus is a german space-browsergame a friend of us is programming.
  • we use some of the graphics from there for planet billboards (with permission)
  • we're planning to create a xotus mod in sfz with similar gameplay and maps