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see also the textfile INSTALL in the main dir

For building the Updater from source see UpdaterBuildingFromSource

problems with fmod ? you can try using openal instead, see BuildingWithOpenAL

Dependencies (linux and win)

Windows & Linux

get the static zlib from this package:
Visual C++.Net 2005 (8.0) SP1 Precompiled Dependencies 1.4.x

Linux only

you need either fmod or openal, fmod is used by default, to change this to openal see

linux dependencies as packages (debian/ubuntu)

  • on ubuntu 7.10 or later you don't need to compile ogre and ois yourself, since an up to date ogre version (1.4.* eihort) is in the package repos, probably the same on the latest debian.
  • the names of some packages that have to be installed to compile sfz,
  • install use "apt-get install packagename"
  • (this list is probably incomplete, but it might help)

on ubuntu in one commandline : ./

maybe those for ode ? but i think i compiled from source

  • libode0-dev

(lua is no longer a dependency when using the premake build system, as this includes the source of the lua version we use and compiles it in statically)

linux dependencies as packages (opensuse)

  • packman and OSS repository needed, g++,gcc and make as well
  • freealut-dev
  • openal-dev
  • libvorbis-dev
  • libogg-dev
  • boost-dev
  • ogre
  • ogre-dev
  • libois-dev

building under linux


we currently have 3 build systems, automake, scons and premake automake is recommended for trying to make packages, as the it has config for installing etc, but noone currently active knows automake well, and it's macro-language can be a pain for some daily tasks.

we internally use scons(python based) and premake(lua based) during development, they are not so well adjusted to the many different linux distro's, so you might have to manually change some library names or similar, but we found tweaking them a lot easier than automake.

the scons one has been around longer, but since we are more comfortable with the lua scripting language we might move permanently to premake and drop scons.

we configured neither scons nor premake for "installing" sfz, as we start it directly during development, and we are not very familiar with the linux install process (especially when talking about multiple distros).

building with premake



in the sfz directory to build

( if you have problems with libnames on your distro, editing premake.lua might help )

see for more infos, there is no need to install premake, it is included in the sfz download/svn.

Ghoulsblade 04:14, 24 November 2007 (CET) : premake will try to compile lua statically from source included with sfz, we hope this solves a few problems with lua50 and 51 conflicting or confusing naming in several distros.

building with scons (deprecated)

WARNING : using the scons build system is deprecated, please try premake instead.


  • scons
  • liblua50 liblualib50 lua50 liblua50-dev liblualib50-dev (scons doesn't compile lua statically, so you need to install it seperately)

Scons replaces the old autotools build system, just run "scons" and it will automatically search for dependencies, then build SFZ if all the requirements are met.

If you have never used scons before, or if you get compile/linker errors after updating :

  • "scons --clean" (or -c) - Equivalent to "make clean"
  • "scons configure" - Forces scons to run the configure stage again (i.e ./configure)
  • see "scons -H" for more scons specific information

NOTE: If you've installed the libraries SFZ requires into /usr/local/lib/, make sure you add /usr/local/lib to /etc/ otherwise the game will complain about missing libraries.

See also compile-guide for ogre 1.4.1


installing fmod in linux

download FMOD Ex 4.x Programmers API for linux from

 tar xfz fmodapi40622linux.tar.gz
 cd fmodapi40622linux
 make install

if you encounter problems during compile you might have to also do the follwing

 cd /opt/
 mkdir fmod
 cd fmod
 cp -r PLACE_WHERE_UNPACKED/fmodapi40622linux/* .

(the old fmod3.* also needed this, but seems to be irrelevant now : cd /usr/local/lib  ; ln -s /opt/fmod/api/ )

WIN32 with Visual C++ 8.0 Express

  • configure library and include paths yourself:
    • menu : extras : options
    • projects : VC++ directories
    • at the top-right corner choose "libraries" and "includes" from the dropdown and include these paths
      • "libraries"
	C:\sfzlibs\zlib\lib (taken as static lib from Precompiled Dependencies)

	C:\sfzlibs\zlib\include\ (taken as static lib from Precompiled Dependencies)

project settings / linker / input should contain the following : 
libboost_thread-vc80-mt-s-1_34_1.lib ode.lib zlib.lib lua.lib lualib.lib LIBCMT.lib LIBCPMT.LIB User32.Lib AdvAPI32.Lib ws2_32.lib OgreMain.lib SDL.lib OIS.lib fmodex_vc.lib
but they should already be in the project file contained in the svn.

to compile with openal you also need the following :

        OpenAL (optional)


	project settings / linker / input should contain the following :  add the following to the list :
		alut.lib OpenAL32.lib vorbisfile_static.lib vorbis_static.lib ogg_static.lib

  • compile - release build

  • copy the following dlls into the "\" (root) directory:
	cg.dll  (for shaders, see nvidia hp)
	fmodex.dll (soundsystem)
	Plugin_CgProgramManager.dll (ogre plugin)
	Plugin_OctreeSceneManager.dll (ogre plugin)
	Plugin_ParticleFX.dll (ogre plugin)
	RenderSystem_Direct3D9.dll (ogre plugin)
	RenderSystem_GL.dll (ogre plugin)

        OpenAL (optional)
	alut.dll  (openal)
	ogg.dll   (ogg vorbis)
	vorbis.dll (ogg vorbis)
	vorbisenc.dll (ogg vorbis)
	vorbisfile.dll (ogg vorbis)