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  • use the shipeditor to create a ship and save it,
  • edit data/plugins/common.objecttypes.lua
  • copy and adjust (change the first paramer, this is the typename) a line like
 RegisterObjectType("stuff/customship/firefly",		"stuff/customship",	{ingame_name="firefly",		gfx_shipfile="firefly.lua", hitrad=10, bHasHangar=true,hp=500, shield_max=500, cargo_max=1000, weapons={["weapontype/laser/red"]=1}  })
  • choose your ship after starting the game
  • if you want to add trails and particles, you need to define them in the
  • you can easily get the "engine" positions by point with the mouse at the desired part and press c (center)
  • know you can read the position of the block in the console and add it to the ship definition