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see also FAQ

Things you can do in single player mode:

  • Fly around with the WASD keys. (see also controls below)
  • Target things with the mouse and "goto" them, or goto near objects.
  • Fire with the space key.
  • Shooting an asteroid until it explodes will give you some iron (look in info -> cargo).
  • Fly to the nearest base and buy another laser with your iron.
    • first collect a bit of iron by blowing up asteroids (or pirates)
    • fly to a planet (or station), and rightclick it
    • from the menu select trade
    • a trade dialog opens where you can buy weapons
    • to use weapons you bought, you first need to equip them
    • to do that select from the menubar at the top : info -> cargo
    • in the cargo dialog click equip next to the weapons you bought
  • Now you have two lasers to shoot asteroids with.
  • There's some pirates, but they sleep until you attack them.
  • You can look inside your ship, and walk your little lego man around.
    • while inside, you can place furniture with rightclick menu
  • You can leave the ship in your space suit and get back in (unfortunately you can't seem to board other ships).
  • you can launch a fighter and dock it back to the mothership again
  • You can jettison your cargo. It appears as a box. You can shoot that box, but you can't pick it up.
  • It's possible to fill up your ship with goods at one base, fly to another and sell them, but as all the prices appear to be fixed and identical, there's no profit to be made. (Ghoulsblade 22:37, 10 August 2007 (CEST) : they are all the same currently, sorry, we're already working on missions and stuff like that)
  • if your hull is damaged and you have iron you can repair your ship by rightclicking a planet or space station
    • you get iron from destroying asteroids and pirates
  • you can design/edit ships by choosing "shipedit" from the main menu (start with -se commandline to avoid flicker/checker bug until we fix it)
    • ships used ingame are figher.lua and firefly.lua, you can overwrite them with your ships and walk around in them.


  • left-click and drag mouse to rotate cam
  • mousewheel : change cam zoom
  • w : accelerate forward (main thrust)
  • s : accelerate backwards (reverse thrust)
  • a : accelerate left (strafe)
  • d : accelerate right (strafe)
  • r : accelerate upwards (strafe)
  • f : accelerate downwards (strafe)
  • x : hold to break/decellerate
  • space : fire primary weapons at selected target
  • left-click to select object
  • right mouse button : open context menu for object under mouse
  • b : cheat : adds iron and a green laser to cargo
  • v : take screenshot
  • q : approach selected target
  • tab : select next interesting target
  • tab : next target (in some internal order)
  • y : previous target
  • c : target nearest ship/enemy
  • backspace : target nothing
  • click on object : target
  • return/enter : toggle chat-input
  • arrow keys : walking while inside ship
  • w-a-s-d : walking while inside ship

you can change the controls by editing data/lua/lib.keybinds.lua

ship editor

You can design your own spaceships with the built-in ship editor. It works similar to lego.

  • we've got a culling bug so i suggest starting the editor with commandline parameter "-se" that fixes the culling.
  • click on new at the menu to start with a single block (you need at least one block to attach other blocks)
  • you remove blocks with rightclick, and you can attach new block with leftclick if you select shippart/x from the tool-list on the right.
    • shippart/x are the different parts you can build your ship with, it works similar to lego.
    • the editor tries to guess a good position for the part and that works most of the time, but you can fine-tune it with the different other tools (rotate, mirror...)
  • the interface is still a bit strange as the editor is just a first experimental prototype of what we want to do later.
  • To try out ships you created see this page : HowToAddShips